I Wished To Slow Time

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I wished to slow time I knew I could not. Just as a seashell is unique and holds beauty of its own, so does each person. The transition from childhood to adolescence is challenging. In this painting I incorporated a seashell. For me, this particular gift from the ocean represents a girl going through the process of change. Another important element I included is a dandelion. Dandelions are robust and can mean hope as each young girl fights through the challenges of life. Since they do not last forever, they slowly become dry and the seeds get carried away trying to remain strong. Another object I included is a vase. Its purpose is to remain solid while holding tightly to the last moment of childhood. I felt it was important to add a white ribbon to signify the purity and innocence children hold. Once it is crossed over, there is no going back. The ribbon separates the cowering child and the existence of childhood.

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