My portfolio contains figures/portraits, landscapes/plein air, pets, still life and wildlife paintings.

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Artist Statement

Artist Statement SidePainting is a form of communication. This visual message informs, without relying on words, as it expresses ideas and emotions. The animal and human figures are an ongoing focus. Studying this complex subject matter helps me notice angles and colors not previously seen. As the features of everyone vary, so does their soul. My job is to decipher that feeling and transform it into a painting. Using figurative realism, I portray the subject organically, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer based on their own experiences. For me, using painting as a language is a meaningful way to communicate a message.

Whether it is the crashing of waves or the warm desert air, the grace of God’s creations deeply affects my work. I prefer depicting my subjects in a natural environment. Influenced by the Realism art movement of the 19th century, some of my favorite artists include William Bouguereau, Rosa Bonheur, Joaquin Sorolla, and Ivan Kramskoi.

~Jody Gerber