My portfolio contains figures/portraits, landscapes/plein air, pets, still life and wildlife paintings.

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Jody Gerber is a fine artist and currently resides in the desert of Utah. She received a Master of Fine Arts in Painting at Laguna College of Art + Design in Laguna Beach, California. She also earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, magna cum laude, from Dixie State University. Jody is a national award-winning artist and is involved in the Portrait Society of America, Oil Painters of America, and Laguna Plein Air Painters Association. As an undergraduate, Jody did a study abroad in Rome, Italy. This solidified her love of art and desire to continuously study which has impacted the process, content, and direction of her work.

Jody is passionate about art. Creativity and imagination started when she was young and continued. While raising her children, the desire to continue her education intensified, yet she was convinced the opportunity to finish her degree had passed. She remembers coming across a quote that reads, "Don't let age deter you from anything." This resonated with her, and despite trepidation, she decided to get her degree and never stop learning. Jody recalls, "I learned that life is about living; my age is irrelevant." Jody credits her strong determination and inherited stubbornness to help her achieve difficult goals.
Whether it be the crashing of waves or the warm desert air, Jody is inspired by nature. It is her intent to capture a feeling and convey a mood through her paintings. She mainly paints animals or figures and places them in a natural setting. Jody is heavily influenced by the Realism Movement of the 19th century. Some of her favorite artists include William Bouguereau, Rose Bonheur, Joaquin Sorolla, and Ivan Kramskoi.

Artist Statement

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A passion for life and art compels me to use representational paintings as a form of communication. This visual message informs, without relying on words, as it expresses ideas and emotions. My inspiration comes from the places I call home, the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest desert, and the California coast. Inspired by the Realism art movement of the 19th century, I prefer to depict my subjects in a natural environment.

The grace of God’s creations deeply affects my work. Whether it be the crashing of waves or the warm setting sun, I am drawn to these moments of inspiration. While spending time in nature, I wish to gather all that my senses can take in. The human figure is an ongoing focus. Studying this complex subject matter teaches me to see angles and colors that I did not notice previously. As the features of each human vary, so does their soul. My job is to decipher that feeling and transform it into a painting. Using figurative realism, I portray the subject organically, leaving the interpretation up to the viewer based on their own experiences. For me, using painting as a language is a meaningful way to communicate a message.

~Jody Gerber